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Original Artwork

Mixed Media on Recycled Stretched Canvas

24 x 38 inches / 61 x 96.5 cm

Framing available upon request done by Superframe.

Created in my former studio in Toronto, Canada. Located in the Parkdale Village neighborhood.

As this year has been an emotional one, there is no better way to express every feeling than to place it on a canvas. I am angry. An irresponsible and insecure fuck decided to party during a pandemic and got my grandma, aunt and uncle sick with Covid-19. Grandma passed away April 7 of this year and my aunt a week later. Uncle pulled through but with life long illnesses that make his life uncomfortable. This person still thinks he is not at fault. I am here to tell you that it is. 

This painting has anger, desperation and a glimpse of hope somewhere in the background. I am angry but as DMX once said, "trust a person to always be themselves". 


Email me for all inquiries