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Abstract Painting Course

Abstract Painting Course

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Want to express your creativity with abstract paintings but don't know where to begin? I'm here to help.

In this course, CIFUENTES teaches you personally some of his signature methods, which combine fearless expression with artistic knowledge to create abstract artworks that enhance creativity, bring balance to your life and support a healthy dose of emotional intelligence. The course will be offered through word-of-mouth to people who want to make their lives more creative. To focus better on each student and their journey, I don't advertise it in order to make it more personal.
In live Zoom calls, CIFUENTES will provide a safe space, listen with true empathy and share his energy. The purpose of this course is to create a meaningful experience for the student and tap into your inner wisdom, creativity and develop your intelligent emotional responses.
There are no wrong answers here nor negative self-judgement, only assessment and growth.

Would this course benefit someone you know? Feel free to forward this link to them.


Module 1: Materials - Tools of the Trade

In this lesson you will get to know the tools and paints CIFUENTES will be using in his course and learn to listen to (and act upon) your inner creative voice and personal wisdom.


Module 2: Personalized Session 1: Let's Get Started!

In this first personalized session we will meet via Zoom and have the whole hour to ourselves. Once you book the session you will receive a Zoom link to connect. We will go over the materials or supplies to create abstract art and answer any questions.


Module 3: Personalized Session 2: Let's Paint!

The aim of this personalized session is to jump right in and get started with quick two or three color paintings to get the creative juices flowing.


Module 4: Personalized Session 3: You Got This!

Our third and final personalized call will cover key topics such as Color Psychology, Contrast, Editing, and Critiquing in a comprehensive manner. After attending this class, you will be equipped with all the tools needed to be creative on your own schedule. 


 Since we share stories and anecdotes in our regular meetings, I am happy to tell you that we keep all of our interactions confidential. We only record the sessions for legal purposes and course improvement.